About Us

Our Company name is FilmCellBiz

You can find our film cell products in many different marketplaces on & offline!

All our framed film cell memorabilia is carefully assembled right here in the U.K.

We take pride knowing that only the very best 35mm footage and film cell scenes from all your favorite movie titles make it in to our framed film memorabilia and we have been selling for over 14 years

www.film-cell.co.uk is the latest addition to our brand and has been created in order for us to reach a wider market

As Tablets and Smart Phones become more popular with regards to internet search and purchasing it has become vital that we adapt to the times and engage in a responsive website platform.

This simply means our site will be displayed correctly and in the same way on all devices!  Computers, Notebooks , Tablets & Smart phones.

This was not possible with or older website www.filmcell.biz so we are moving our inventory to a new one www.film-cell.co.uk

We have built a very strong customer base on our previous site as well as Ebay & Amazon over the years.

More information about our Film Cell products and Limited Edition Film Memorabilia relating to these marketplaces and links to our reviews and feedback can be found on our Blog!