An American Werewolf In London 35mm Film Cell Memorabilia With LED Backlight Usb Powered Soft Touch Dimmable Backlit Back Light by

An American Werewolf In London film cells
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  • Description

    Experience the chilling transformation from man to monster with the captivating An American Werewolf In London 35mm Film Cell Backlit Film Cell. 

    This extraordinary collectible is a must-have for fans of the iconic 1981 horror film that seamlessly blends humor, suspense, and groundbreaking practical effects.

    Each Film Cell is meticulously crafted using authentic 35mm film frames, carefully selected from the original movie reels of An American Werewolf In London. 

    This ensures that you possess a genuine piece of cinematic history, capturing a pivotal moment from the hair-raising story with remarkable detail. 

    The film cell is expertly preserved and encased in a sleek frame that beautifully showcases the vivid colors and iconic scenes.

    What sets this product apart is the innovative backlighting technology. 

    With a simple push of a button, the film cell illuminates, bringing the moody streets of London and the terrifying creature to life. 

    The soft glow enhances the presence of David Naughton as the tormented David Kessler, and Rick Baker's Academy Award-winning werewolf transformation.

     It allows you to relive the gripping suspense, the dark humor, and the groundbreaking special effects that made this film a timeless classic.

    Follow David Kessler as he survives a vicious werewolf attack in the English countryside, only to be plagued by terrifying nightmares and an insatiable hunger for human flesh. 

    As the full moon looms, David's transformation into a savage werewolf becomes inevitable, leading to a trail of bloodshed and terror. 

    Whether you're a devoted fan, a collector, or simply someone who revels in the supernatural, this backlit Film Cell is the perfect addition to your home, office, or personal display.

    Experience the thrills and horrors of An American Werewolf In London with this exquisite piece of memorabilia. 

    The An American Werewolf In London 35mm Film Cell Backlit Film Cell, featuring an array of iconic characters and a plot that combines comedy, horror, and groundbreaking special effects, will transport you to a world of spine-tingling suspense, dark humor, and the chilling consequences of embracing the beast within.

    All of our Movie Cells , Movie Memorabilia and 35mm Merchandise is Made Using 100% Genuine 35mm Film Footage Taken From The Title in Question and Carefully Mounted And Framed For A Perfect Finish

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