The Matrix (1999) 5mm Film Cell Memorabilia With LED Backlight Usb Powered Soft Touch Dimmable Backlit Back Light by

Matrix film cell
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    Step into the realm of virtual reality with the mesmerizing Matrix Backlit Film Cell. 

    This exceptional collectible is a must-have for fans of the groundbreaking 1999 film that pushed the boundaries of sci-fi filmmaking and left audiences questioning the very nature of their existence.

    Each Film Cell is meticulously crafted using authentic 35mm film frames, carefully selected from the original movie reels. 

    This ensures that you possess a genuine piece of cinematic history, capturing a pivotal moment from The Matrix with breathtaking detail. 

    The film cell is expertly preserved and encased in a sleek frame that beautifully showcases the vivid colors and iconic scenes.

    What sets this product apart is the innovative backlighting technology. 

    With a simple push of a button, the film cell illuminates, bringing the dystopian world of The Matrix to life. 

    The soft glow enhances the presence of beloved characters, including the enigmatic Neo portrayed by the iconic Keanu Reeves, the fierce and agile Trinity played by Carrie-Anne Moss, and the wise and stoic Morpheus portrayed by Laurence Fishburne.

     It allows you to relive the mind-bending story, jaw-dropping action sequences, and philosophical depth of the film.

    Follow Neo as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering the truth behind the simulated reality known as the Matrix. 

    Joined by a group of rebels fighting against the machines, Neo battles to free humanity from its virtual imprisonment.

     Whether you're a devoted fan, a collector, or simply someone who craves an immersive cinematic experience, this backlit Film Cell is the perfect addition to your home, office, or personal display and arrives ready to be showcased and admired.

    Experience the groundbreaking world of The Matrix with this exquisite piece of memorabilia. 

    The Matrix Backlit Film Cell, featuring an array of iconic characters and a plot that challenges the boundaries of perception and reality, will transport you to a universe where nothing is as it seems and leave you questioning the nature of your own existence.

    All of our Movie Cells , Movie Memorabilia and 35mm Merchandise is Made Using 100% Genuine 35mm Film Footage Taken From The Title in Question and Carefully Mounted And Framed For A Perfect Finish

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